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This picture illustrates

  • Me coming out of warp speed on my new Harley

  • Exiting the StarGate

  • Jumping from a previous era ala Quantum Leap

  • . . . or spending way too much time with PhotoShop





2006 Laughlin River Run

My memory of the 2006 Laughlin River Run - a gathering of 75,000 bikers (and me) in Laughlin, Nevada.  Thank goodness for pictures.  Added May 2006


BVI 2006 Trip  

A work in progres.  In March 2006 I skippered a Moorings 4700 catamaran around the British Virgin Islands with my brother and his family.  A lot of fun, no major mishaps, and we all came back - together.

Here are a couple other web sites that I've created. is devoted to the identification and preservation of 19th century photographs.  It also includes a stock photo service of nearly 1,000 tintypes, daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and other civil war era photographs.   This is one of my interests, which includes a large collection of 19th century photographs.  Besides writing a book about the topic, I'm trying to figure out how to make a real business out of it.

This is my business site for Marketing Communications services which includes product photography, graphics design, brochure development, and other creative activities.


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